October 2015 ECRC Tournament Results

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Another great showing…we definitely have a great core of fisherman. Fishing was a little better than we feared due to the changing weather pattern…most teams said that they caught a lot of small fish, but the upper slots were hard to come by. All 17 teams weighed fish! The results are as follows (team, fish1, fish2, total wt, points):

The results are as follows (Names, Fish 1, Fish 2, Total Wt, Points):

PlaceWinnersFish 1Fish 2Total WeightPoints
1Bobby Weir/Matt Schoen5.735.8111.54 lbs100
2Ken Cube/Mike Pattison5.276.2011.47 lbs99
3Hunter Ray/Frankie Brogniez4.536.2310.76 lbs98
4Bill Burke/Josh Noel4.565.7110.27 lbs97
5Steve Ward/Michael Hawkins5.164.709.86 lbs96
6Neil Modlin/Bryant Modlin3.076.549.61 lbs95
7Jim Whitaker/Mark McDuffy3.785.459.23 lbs94
8Mark Cowart/Michael Cowart3.255.959.20 lbs93
9John Ott/Mike McClure2.704.347.04 lbs92
10Heath Lavin/James Whitaker3.182.826.00 lbs91
11Bo Sullivan/Alan Chase2.723.205.92 lbs90
12Chris Clark/Johnny Brock2.542.615.15 lbs89
13Waylon Spivey/Kevin Sherwood5.03*0.005.03 lbs88
14Robert Gautney/Bobby Gautney2.502.474.97 lbs87
15Trevor Taylor/John Morris3.680.003.68 lbs86
16Daryl Weaver/Joseph Weaver3.040.003.04 lbs85
17Hallie Burnett2.090.002.09 lbs84

* – includes 0.50 lb penalty for dead fish

For the calcuttas, big Trout went to Bill/Josh (2.23 lb) and second to Chris/Johnny (1.40 lb); most spots went to Daryl/Joseph (9) and second to Bobby/Matt (7). For big Redfish, teams with the two biggest fish did not enter calcutta…so first went to Ken/Mike (6.20 lb) and second to Mark/Michael (5.95 lb). Next event is our Championship tournament and we are teaming up with Sandestin on Nov 7-8 for the “Emerald Coast Redfish Classic”. It is going to be a great event and Sandestin has a lot to offer (I’ll be sending out a message about how to reserve rooms there at our reduced rates). Again, this is a two day tournament and the entry fee is double our normal (will be $160). Event is open to everyone (no membership fees required)…so convince some buddies to fish it. Thanks, Mike

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