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    October 2014 ECRC Tournament Results

    Saturday, October 4th – Panama City, FL

    A bit windy, but overall it was a great day for a tournament and to team up with the Spivey Strong benefit. We had a bunch of our guys fish both tournaments and I think we pretty much swept the redfish category. The results are as follows (Names, Fish 1, Fish 2, Total Wt, Points):

    PlaceWinnersFish 1Fish 2Total WeightPoints
    1stKen Cube/Mike Pattison5.886.3912.27 lbs100
    2ndBobby Weir/Matt Schoen6.216.0312.24 lbs99
    3rdHunter Ray/Frankie Brogniez6.045.7311.77 lbs98
    4thNeil Modlin/Bryant Modlin5.815.7911.60 lbs97
    5thFred Myers/Drew Benson/Carter Myers5.346.1611.50 lbs96
    6thAlan Chase/Shane Jenson4.944.099.03 lbs95
    7thJohn Ott/Mike McClure3.375.408.77 lbs94
    8thScott Davis/Brandon Davis4.370.004.37 lbs93
    9thSteve Ward/Michael Hawkins2.190.002.19 lbs92
    T10Jordan Todd/Rodney Besore0.000.000.00 lbs82
    T10James Whitaker/Heath Lavin0.000.000.00 lbs82
    T10Sean Jeanneret/Justin Jeanneret0.000.000.00 lbs82
    T10Brad Anthis/Trevor Taylor0.000.000.00 lbs82
    T10Mark Cowart/Michael Cowart0.000.000.00 lbs82

    The calcutta for big redfish went to Bobby/Matt (6.21); most spots to Fred/Drew/Carter (7); and biggest trout to Alan/Shane (19.75″) with 2nd to Jordan/Rodney (18.75″). Thanks to everyone for braving the winds and fishing with us and the Spivey Strong benefit tourney. Our final tournament for the 2014 season will be Nov 1 in PC (venue will be posted ASAP). There is much that can change in the T.O.Y. standings…top 5 teams will be awarded prizes.