October 2013 ECRC Tournament Results

Saturday, Oct 19, 2013 Pensacola, FL

A bit slow fishing, a bit rainy, and a bit windy…but still a good time.
The results are as follows (Names, Fish 1, Fish 2, Total Wt, Points):

PlaceWinnersFish 1Fish 2Total WeightPoints
1stKen Cube/Mike Pattison5.394.9110.30 lbs100
2ndSteve Ward/Chris Schoeller5.434.039.46 lbs99
3rdBobby Weir/Matt Schoen4.594.859.44 lbs98
4thTodd Pumphey/Lloyd Bullock4.374.348.71 lbs97
5thBilly Owens/Art Teal4.313.687.99 lbs96
6thJeff Russell/Brant Peacher3.612.385.99 lbs95
7thAJ Pastwa/Sean Jeanerette5.870.005.87 lbs94
8TJames Whitaker/Heath Lavin000 lbs84
8TNick Newstead/Jerod Hayden000 lbs84
8TAlan Chase/Mike Cosley000 lbs84
8TShawn Mistovich/Preston Mistovich000 lbs84


For the calcuttas: Big Redfish went to Bobby/Matt (4.85 lb…due to several teams not entering), Big Trout paid two places with 1st going to Billy/Art (22″) and 2nd to Ken/Mike (20 1/4″), and Most Spots also paid two places with 1st going to Jeff/Brant (24) and 2nd to Bobby/Matt (16).

It was great to see a couple teams for the first time in 2013, especially another father son team with Shawn and Preston. The Most Spots calcutta has been fun to add and it has taken a bunch of spots to win (67 last tournament and 24 this one). The last event for 2013 is the championship which will be in a couple weeks. Right now we are planning to launch at Tyndall bridge in East Bay Panama City. Thanks to all of you for coming out or just following us on the website.