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    Atlas Hydraulic Jackplate used by ECRC

    June 2013 ECRC Tournament Results

    Saturday, June 8th – Panama City

    Another great ECRC tournament….good weather, good fish, good turn-out, and Dan-D-Ridge Outfitters provided some great raffle give-away!:

    The results follow:

    PlaceWinnersFish 1Fish 2Total WeightPoints
    1stAlan Chase/Fred Myers5.696.7612.45 lbs100
    2ndKen Cube/Mike Pattison5.955.2211.17 lbs99
    3rdBilly Owens/Scott Pruitt5.285.3610.64 lbs98
    4TAJ Pastwa/Sean Jeanerette4.635.6710.30 lbs97
    4TBrad Henry/Jason Bryan5.574.7310.30 lbs97
    6thBobby Weir/Matt Schoen3.755.749.49 lbs95
    7thBrandon Jones/Heath Lavin2.76*6.259.01 lbs94
    8thSteve Ward/Chris Schoeller3.04.978.04 lbs93
    9thim Whitaker/James Whitaker3.254.687.93 lbs92
    10thNick Newstead/Jerod Hayden3.353.667.01 lbs91
    11thArt Teal/Mark McDuffie2.80*4.126.92 lbs90
    12thMark Cowart/Michael Cowart3.320.003.32 lbs89
    13THunter Ray/Frankie Brogniez10.000.000.00 lbs79
    13TDalton Morrison/Austin Woodard0.000.000.00 lbs79

    * – Includes dead fish penalty of 0.5 lbs

    For the Calcutta’s: Big Redfish went to Alan/Fred (6.76 lb) with 2nd Place going to Ken/Mike (5.95). Big Trout went to Mark/Michael with a beautiful 24.75″ with 2nd place to Alan/Fred (24″).

    We appreciate that everyone stuck around for the weigh in – I think it was Dalton Morrison that won the reel donated by Dan-D-Ridge Outfitters and AJ once again had plenty of sponsor-provided prizes.

    Hope everyone can make the next event which will be held in Navarre on July 13 – the ramp will be the one just south of the bridge going out to Navarre Beach.

    Thanks to all of you for coming out and sticking with us…our goal is to steadily improve. Let us know if you have any suggestions.