July 2013 ECRC Tournament Results

Saturday, July 13 ECRC Navarre

The results follow:

PlaceWinnersFish 1Fish 2Total WeightPoints
1stBobby Weir/Matt Schoen3.316.9210.23 lbs100
2ndKen Cube/Mike Pattison3.945.779.71 lbs99
3rdJim Whitaker/James Whitaker3.672.876.54 lbs98
4thSteve Ward/Chris Schoeller3.512.315.82 lbs97
5thBilly Owens/Scott Pruitt3.102.205.30 lbs97
6thTodd Pumphrey/Lloyd Bullock4.120.004.12 lbs95
7thMike Smith/Chloey Guy3.320.003.32 lbs94
8TAlan Chase/Shayne Jensal (Alt) lbs84
8THunter Ray/Chris Pelly0.00.00.0 lbs84
8TAJ Pastwa/Sean Jeanerette0.00.00.0 lbs84
8TMark Cowart/Michael Cowart0.00.00.0 lbs84

For the calcuttas: Big Redfish went to Bobby/Matt (6.92 lb) and Big Trout went to Billy/Scott (21 7/8″). Todd and Lloyd did catch a 30+ inch trout, but as luck would have it, they did not get into the calcutta.

Turn out was a little low, but we did have a few teams that had to back out at the last minute. AJ once again had plenty of sponsor-provided prizes. Hope everyone can make the next event which will be held in Destin – the ramp will be announced soon. Thanks to all of you for coming out and sticking with us…our goal is to steadily improve. Let us know if you have any suggestions. Mike