August 2013 Tournament Results

Saturday, August 24th ECRC Hogtown

The results follow:

PlaceWinnersFish 1Fish 2Total WeightPoints
1stFred Myers/Drew Benton7.876.1614.04 lbs100
2ndBobby Weir/Matt Schoen5.685.4411.12 lbs99
3rdJim Whitaker/James Whitaker5.884.5010.38 lbs98
4thSteve Ward/Chris Schoeller5.374.029.39 lbs97
5thBo Sullivan/Alan Chase4.384.168.54 lbs96
6thKen Cube/Mike Pattison5.25*3.187.93 lbs95
7thBilly Owens/Scott Pruitt5.080.005.08 lbs94
8thAJ Pastwa/Sean Jeanerette2.920.02.92 lbs93
9THunter Ray/Chris Pelly0.00.00.0 lbs83
9TMark Cowart/Michael Cowart0.00.00.0 lbs83

* = Dead Fish (0.50 lb Penalty)

For the calcuttas: Big Redfish went to Fred/Drew (7.87 lb), Big Trout (if you can call it that!) went to Bobby/Matt (17 1/2″), and Most Spots went to Bo/Alan (10).

The turn out was lower than we hoped for…summer months are tough so maybe we can turn it around for the Sep 28 event in Panama City – the ramp will be announced soon. Thanks to all of you for coming out and sticking with us…our goal is to steadily improve. Mike