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    April 2014 ECRC Tournament Results

    Saturday, April 19th – Hogtown

    It was super turnout especially since we had to make a change of venue due to the high winds an dirty water! The fishing conditions were very tough with 20 knot + winds all day and dirty water, but some very nice fish were brought to the scales. The results are as follows (Names, Fish 1, Fish 2, Total Wt, Points):

    PlaceWinnersFish 1Fish 2Total WeightPoints
    1stBobby Weir/Matt Schoen7.025.9712.99 lbs100
    2ndBo Sullivan/Alan Chase6.326.6412.96 lbs99
    3rdFred Myers/Carter Myers6.016.3912.40 lbs98
    4thHunter Ray/Frankie Brogniez5.366.8812.24 lbs97
    5thKen Cube/Mike Pattison5.715.3511.06 lbs96
    6thArt Teal/Billy Owens5.185.6510.83 lbs95
    7thJames Whitaker/Heath Lavin5.764.039.79 lbs94
    8thJason Bryan/Brad Henry3.764.388.14 lbs93
    9thMike McClure/John Ott4.702.717.41 lbs92
    10thMark Cowart/Michael Cowart2.903.706.60 lbs91
    11TMark McDuffie/Jim Whitaker2.240.002.24 lbs90
    12TJeff Russell/Bobby Cassevah0.000.000.00 lbs80
    12TSteve Ward/Chris Schoeller0.000.000.00 lbs80
    12TRobert Gautney/Bobby Gautney0.000.000.00 lbs80
    12TTodd Pumphrey/Lloyd Bullock0.000.000.00 lbs80
    12TSean Jeannerret/George Schissler0.000.000.00 lbs80

    Calcuttas: Big Redfish went to Bobby/Matt (7.02 lb) and 2nd went to Hunter/Frankie (6.88 lb); Big Trout went to Fred/Carter (24″) with 2nd going to Art/Billy (23 1/2″); and Most Spots going to Brad/Jason (21) with 2nd to Fred/Carter (8).

    Thanks to everyone for being flexible and showing up…I still think it was better than trying to fight Choctaw bay (even though Bobby/Matt did the unthinkable and went from PC to Destin to win a tournament!

    Thanks, Mike

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