April 2013 ECRC Tournament Results

Saturday, April 27th – Hopedale, LA

Bo Sullian and Alan Chase

Bo and Alan, Big Redfish, 7.93lbs photo 026_zps0fca2b60.jpg

2nd Place:
Trey Fryfogle and Chuck Turner

2nd Place 15.10lbs, Trey Fryfogle & Chuck Turner photo 015_zpsd54d614b.jpg

3rd Place:
Billy Owens and Scott Pruitt

3rd Place 13.73, Billy Owens and Scott Pruitt photo 005_zpsad0780ee.jpg

The Emerald Coast Redfish club had a awesome time in its inaugural LA trip…a nice place to stay, awesome fishing, good bunch of guys, excellent food, no lost boats, nobody stuck on sandbars…what else could you ask for? Well, maybe not the swarms of mosquitoes and no-see-ums. Impressive weights came in as 13 boats made the trek over to Hopedale, La in search of redfish. For most teams, the redfish were cooperating nicely…I spoke to several teams that caught 30+ big fish.

The results follow:

PlaceWinnersFish 1Fish 2Total WeightPoints
1stBo Sullivan/Alan Chase7.297.9315.22 lbs100
2ndTrey Fryfogle/Chuck Turner7.467.6415.10 lbs99
3rdBilly Owens/Scott Pruitt6.457.2813.73 lbs98
4thBrad Henry/Jason Bryan6.936.7113.64 lbs97
5thBobby Sullivan/Buck Henry6.786.6913.47 lbs96
6thBrandon Jones/Heath Lavin6.856.1012.95 lbs95
7thKen Cube/Mike Pattison6.456.1112.56 lbs94
8thAJ Pastwa/Sean Jeanneret5.275.3010.57 lbs93
9thSteve Ward/Chris Schoeller5.734.4610.19 lbs92
10thMark McDuffie/Art Teal1.705.627.32 lbs91
11thTodd Pumphrey/Lloyd Bullock5.750.005.75 lbs90
12thNick Newstead/Jerod Hayden4.900.004.90 lbs89
13thJim Whitaker/James Whitaker1.701.503.20 lbs88

For the calcuttas: Big Redfish went to Bo/Alan (2nd place to Trey/Chuck) and Most Spots (voted to replace Big Trout) went to Brad/Jason (with 12 spots) and there was a tie for 2nd with Jim/James and Trey/Chuck (with 6 spots).

We appreciate that all boats stuck around for the weigh in – AJ had plenty of sponsor-provided prizes so most everyone got something to take home. Appreciate Mark donating a couple of his Red Zone shirts for the raffle.

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