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    The Premier Redfish Tournament Series
    on the Emerald Coast!
    Atlas Hydraulic Jackplate used by ECRC

    2017 ECRC Championship Results

    Saturday, November 11, 2017 – West Bay, Panama City

    The results are as follows (Names, Fish 1, Fish 2, Total Wt, Points):

    PlaceWinnersFish 1Fish 2Total WeightPoints
    1Josh Locke/Bobby Weir6.607.3413.94 lbs100
    2Robert Gautney/Bobby Gautney5.746.83*12.57 lbs99
    3John Ott/Brad Anthis5.496.2511.74 lbs98
    4Bo Sullivan/Alan Chase4.084.818.89 lbs97
    5Anthony Watson/Jacob Wright3.253.997.24 lbs96
    6Bill Burke/MJ White1.812.033.84 lbs95
    7Trevor Taylor/Jon Morris3.740.003.74 lbs94
    8Bubba Bodiford/DJ Chennaux0.000.000.00 lbs84

    * Reflects .50 lb dead fish penalty

    For the calcuttas, Big Red went to Josh and Bobby (7.34 lb). Most Spots was a three-way tie between Bo and Alan, John and Brad, and Bobby and Josh (4). Largest Trout went to Bo and Alan (2.09 lbs). Thanks everyone for a great year!

    Thanks, Bill