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    2014 ECRC Championship Tournament Results

    Saturday, November 1st – Panama City, FL

    A scary weather forecast had us debating whether to postpone this one, but since we could not come up with a suitable alternate date, we decided to tough it out. It was uncomfortably windy, but there were places to get that were protected. Most teams found fish that would eat. The results are as follows:

    PlaceWinnersFish 1Fish 2Total WeightPoints
    1stSean Jeanneret/Justin Jeanneret5.855.1511.00 lbs100
    2ndBobby Weir/Matt Schoen4.924.48 9.40 lbs99
    3rdKen Cube/Mike Pattison3.964.818.77 lbs98
    4thBo Sullivan/Alan Chase4.803.578.37 lbs97
    5thHunter Ray/Frankie Brogniez3.824.518.33 lbs96
    6thJohn Ott/Mike McClure3.750.003.75 lbs95
    T7James Whitaker/Heath Lavin0.000.000.00 lbs85
    T7Mark McDuffie/Jim Whitaker0.000.000.00 lbs85
    T7Mark Cowart/Michael Cowart0.000.000.00 lbs85

    For the calcuttas, Big Red went to Bobby/Matt (4.92); Trout to Bobby/Matt (16.25″); and Most Spots to Bo/Alan (11). It is always great to see a new team win a tournament…congratulations to Sean and Justin. Thanks to all of you that have fished with us this year. I think we have had a terrific season and we have some new things to try to make us even better next year. We will have a pre-2015 season meeting sometime in Dec/Jan.

    Congratulations to Bobby and Matt for their first TOY championship! With the caliber of fishermen that ECRC has, this really is a prestigious and hard-earned award. I have a feeling that it may not be their last TOY. This season we had prizes for the top five TOY. One change that I want to make for next year is that we pay out to the top ten TOY…this would keep more teams involved in the TOY race and hopefully get more teams to show up more routinely.